Core Testing

These tests are performed immediately after code-freeze in preparation for a release.

The purpose of these tests is to highlight issues that the individual tests of PRs might have overlooked, or side effects to previous functionality that may have gone undetected. While performing these tests you should also report areas of poor usability and cosmetic defects.


  • The tests must be performed on the installer versions of the final release candidate. Not on local compiled code.

  • Serious errors involving loss of functionality, crashes, regression etc. should be raised as High Priority tickets to the current iteration and an email sent to the project manager immediately.

  • Minor and cosmetic issues should be raised as tickets against the next development sprint.

  • First try things that should work, then try to break Mantid, e.g. entering invalid values, unexpected characters etc.


The following environments must be tested, ideally at all host facilities.

  • Windows 10 64bit

  • Red Hat Enterprise 6 & 7 (IDAaaS at ISIS)

  • Ubuntu 18.04

  • Mac OS X Catalina

Grouped Tasks

In order to test a wide range of functionality and avoid repeating work, areas to test are split into groups. These tasks are for testing how Workbench links to the Framework, through the different Toolboxes. The links here are to give you an idea, but please mess around a little too and try to break Mantid!

This was last updated for Release 6.2. Check if the organiser has considered if the Core testers can test on different environments.

Smaller tasks


Description and Links


Windows only: install Mantid, go to the Windows ‘Apps & features’ list and verify the icon is there for Mantid. Uninstall Mantid from within the ‘Apps & features’ list and verify that the desktop and start menu shortcuts are removed.

Project Save/Load

Test the small areas below and do not delete workspaces or plots you produce and manipulate, maybe open a few interfaces. Then File > Save Project and try to reload it! Diagnose any problems.

About / First Time Setup Menu

Under Help > About (On MAC Mantid > About). Check Opens Successfully + all buttons and links work

Help Documentation

Open all Help menu bar options. Load a few algorithm dialogs and click the ?. Produce some plots (1D, Waterfall,Colorfill,3D Surface) and check ? links.


Please only test basic SliceViewer functionality, such as outlined here, and please use SV with unusual data and in unusual ways! If you want extra inspiration, here are the advanced SliceViewer Manual Testing instructions. Do NOT complete these advanced tests, however you may find the initial Data section useful.

GUI Plotting

Produce 1D (Individual, Waterfall, Tiled), 2D (Colorfill and Contour) and 3D (Surface and Wireframe) plots with different data types. Displaying 1D Data 3D and volumetric data

Manipulating Plots

See Plot Help Docs for info on Toolbar ? buttons, Click Menus, Plots Toolbox, Settings

Plot Workspace Rename

Load some data, make a plot, rename the workspace, check the window and plot titles have updated

Scripting Plots

For some ideas: Basic 1D, 2D and 3D Plots Formatting Plots with the User Interface Matplotlib in Mantid + run any MPL code and check if Figure Options and Generate a script work.

Settings (Preferences on Mac)

Check all options work. Some may need restart.

Script Editor / Interpreter

Check basic functionality, such as checking the buttons/options at the top of SE, running algorithms, accessing workspace properties in both environments. Also, check that closing a tab, while it’s script is running, aborts the script properly. Does autocompletion work for mantid algorithms/numpy/matplotlib? Working with Python

Access mantid framework in Python and Jupyter Notebook

Follow the instructions on Access Mantid in Python and Notebook and check you can import mantid.simpleapi and run a script/notebook.

System Memory Usage Widget

Check that the System Memory Usage Widget updates at a frequency of no more than once every two seconds, ideally on a system with limited resourses. Check that the default position of the widget is in the top right, in the same column as the Messages widget.

Script Repository

Test downloading and uploading scripts to the Script Repository. Try to move the Script Repository to another folder. Check out this page for more information.

Larger tasks



Description and Links

Data and Workspace Menus

Data Loading

Load different data types from different facilities

Save Nexus/Ascii

Save a few appropriate workspaces (both the algorithm and from the Save button at top of Workspaces Toolbox)

Show Data

Display the Data for different workspaces: Workspace2D (Histogram), EventWorkspace, TableWorkspace AND plotBin and plotSpectrum from the Data table

Instrument Viewer

Open Instrument viewer for instruments in different facilities.


Open and make some small changes (full test is separate)

Show Detectors

Sample Logs

Workspace History

Check Script generation from History works in various cases

Running Script

Random scripts

e.g. from Solutions to last 2 induction courses, Script Repo

Workspace Algebra

See bottom of this page: Matrix Workspace

Error handling in Python

Get creative, e.g. run code without imports, wrong filepath in Manage User directories, indent errors. Are Error Messages Useful??



Check 5-10 algorithms

Input Validation

Input invalid values and see if a USEFUL * tooltip appears or after executing there is a useful error

Progress and Cancelling

Show Algorithm Toolbox + run some algorithms. Is the Progress Reported helpfully, under Details do algorithms appear and does cancelling work? e.g. Pause



Plot a spectrum, click ‘Fit’ Toolbar button. Add different functions, add ties. A more Complex case

User Defined Function

Halfway down this page: Fit Model Choices


This uses the PlotPeakByLogValue v1 algorithm. Load a workspace with multiple spectra. Plot one spectrum and click the ‘Fit’ Toolbar button. Add an appropriate fit function and click Fit>Sequential Fit. If only one ws is selelcted then all spectra are fit. Try with a range of spectra (e.g. 1:10). Fit spectra from a WorkspaceGroup.

Fit Algorithm

See Fit v1, check ties work