Testing Utilities


This page will provide developers with details of testing utilities, such as helper files, which are useful in creating unit tests.

Helper Functions


The following helper files have been found in the Mantid/Framework/TestHelpers package:


There are some testhelpers which are only available in Python, they can be found in the testhelpers-package.

  • make_decorator - A function that returns a decorator for an algorithm without executing it.

  • TemporaryFileHelper - A class that creates named temporary files and deletes them automatically when the object is deleted. Basically a thin wrapper around NamedTemporaryFile from the tempfile package.

  • mtd.unique_name and mtd.unique_hidden_name - functions that allow you to create a workspace name that will be

    unique to avoid colisions with other workspaces. This is useful for testing and temporary workspaces.