Interface Documentation


This page deals with the specifics of how to document Custom Interfaces. For a more general guide to the Mantid documentation system see Documentation Guide For Devs.

Python Interface File Naming

Python interface files, found in qt/python/mantidqtinterfaces/mantidqtinterfaces, should be named with each word starting with a capital letter and underscores between the words. For example The corresponding documentation page, found somewhere within docs/source/interfaces, should have the same name but with the underscores replaced with spaces (and a different file extension). For example diffraction/Engineering Diffraction.rst. This should be followed so that documentation can be programmatically searched for, in order to check interfaces aren’t added without the accompanying documentation file.

The interface Directive

This directive allows you to insert a screenshot of the interface into the documentation. It has one required argument: the name of the interface, as given by the interface’s name() method. Several options, detailed below, may also be provided to further control the behaviour of this directive.

The inserted screenshots are generated automatically when the documentation is being compiled. This is preferable to screenshots taken manually as these will automatically stay up to date.



You can give the name of a widget in the interface to only take a screenshot of that widget. If not given, a screenshot of the entire interface will be inserted.


This specifies the alignment to use for the screenshot. Valid settings are left, center, and right. Defaults to center.


This inserts a screenshot of the Muon Analysis interface:

.. interface:: Muon Analysis

This inserts a screenshot of the Muon Analysis interface’s Grouping Options tab:

.. interface:: Muon Analysis
   :widget: GroupingOptions

This inserts a screenshot of the main table in the ISIS Reflectometry custom interface, aligned to the right:

.. interface:: ISIS Reflectometry
   :widget: viewTable
   :align: right