User Support


As Mantid continues to facilitate cutting-edge scientific research, for an increasing number of users, the support side of Mantid is growing more and more important. This can be in many circumstances and through different avenues; therefore, below is detailed our support procedures.

The main purpose of user support for the Mantid project, is to aide contact between the users and developers.

Error reporter

Error reporter sends details directly to Mantid support

Bugs and Error Reports

  1. Users can report bugs via the Mantid Help Forum or the Mantid Help Email, or from collected Error Reports. Currently this is a quick first contact with the team, but doesn’t give much detail about the usage or unexpected error.
  2. The bug is verified and reproduced by the support team.
  3. The impact and importance is assessed by the support team member by contacting the users, instrument scientists, developers or project manager as appropriate.
  4. A GitHub issue to resolve the problem is created if appropriate and/or workaround tested if possible.
  5. The user is contacted to give a link to the created issue and/or workaround solution, by the support team.
  6. When any issue is completed naming a user, that user is contacted to let them know it will be available in the nightly build and next release. The gatekeeper that merges the fix should message the appropriate developer, to remind them to contact the original reporter. This could simply be through adding a comment while merging that points this out.