Mantid Icon Table

Here is a list of all currently used icons in Mantid. These icons are from Material Design Icons (3.6.95), an open source icon project by Google. Best place to find new unused icons is on the cheatsheet.

A developer who adds a new icon to a GUI should update this list with it’s specific usage if it can be used anywhere else in the codebase.

General Icons

Use getIcon String | Icon
Copy “mdi.content-copy” copy
Paste “mdi.content-paste” paste
Cut “mdi.content-cut” cut
Settings “mdi.settings” settings
Eraser “mdi.eraser” eraser
Delete “mdi.trash-can” delete
Error “mdi.asterisk” error
Plot “mdi.chart-line” plot
Plot Multiple “mdi.chart-areaspline” plot-multiple
Up “mdi.arrow-up” up
Down “mdi.arrow-down” down
Play “” play
Stop “mdi.stop” stop
Pause “mdi.pause” pause
Plus “” plus
Close “mdi.close” close
Search “mdi.folder” search
Refresh “mdi.twitter-retweet” refresh
Home “mdi.home” home
Pan/Move “mdi.arrow-all” pan
Zoom “mdi.magnify” zoom
Zoom In “mdi.magnify-plus-outline” zoom-in
Zoom Out “mdi.magnify-minus-outline” zoom-out
Grid “mdi.grid” grid
Save “mdi.content-save” save
Move to Table “mdi.file-move” transfer-to-table
Beam Centre “mdi.adjust” beam-centre
Diagnostic “mdi.stethoscope” diagnostic
Process All “mdi.sigma” process-all

Table Icons

Use getIcon String Icon
Table “mdi.table” table
Export Data “mdi.file-export” export-data
Add Row “mdi.table-row-plus-after” add-row
Remove Row “mdi.table-row-remove” remove-row
New Table “mdi.table-plus” new-table
Remove Table “mdi.table-remove” remove-table
Expand All “mdi.expand-all” expand
Collapse All “mdi.collapse-all” collapse