Developer Accounts

User Names

Simple, easy to recognise user names are preferred. For example “Nick Draper”, or if spaces are not allowed “NickDraper”.

Account Creation

  • Create a Mantid Wiki account; follow this link.

  • Sign up to the Mantid Developers email list; follow this link.

  • Sign up for the Mantid Slack channel; follow this link.

  • If you don’t already have one, sign up for a Github account; follow this link.
    • Remember that your username should be easily identifiable.
    • Contact one of the “Owners” on this list to add you to the developer team.
    • Set up Git on your workstation; see this guide.
    • The Git workflow is described on the Mantid Git Workflow page.
  • Consider signing up for Skype; follow this link.

  • Sign up for a Gravatar account; follow this link.


If you are based at SNS, in order to be able to ssh out of the lab, you need to do the following:

  • Install “Corkscrew” using your package manager.
  • Add the following lines to ~/.ssh/config:
ProxyCommand corkscrew 3128 %h %p

Introducing Yourself

  • Post a short introduction of yourself to the rest of the team in the General chatroom on Mantid Slack.
  • Add yourself together with your contact details and a photo (selfies are fine) to Development Team.

Admin Notes

These are notes for account admins on how to add new users.