Updates for Week 6 of 2017

Mantid 3.9 Dates

Code Changes

This is what has been merged to master and does include what was merged into release-v3.9.

  • Lots of release notes and other documentation
  • Portions of the SpectrumInfo rollout
  • Portions of the HistogramData rollout
  • Eigen3 has been added as an external project
  • Improved finding of Mantid properties file on OSX
  • Example algorithms cleaned up
  • Bugfix related to loading Facilities.xml file from instrument download directory
  • Ensure mantid runs with python’s builtin range command by default
  • Lots of other small fixes associated with beta testing - many around SANS and reflectometry

Detailed Merges for Feb 6 to 12, 2017

on github

  • PR18601 - SpectrumInfo rollout: algorithms ComptonProfile to GroupDetectors
  • PR18654 - Refactored the files in the Example directory
  • PR18658 - HistogramData Rollout: SaveNISTDAT to saveVTK
  • PR18664 - SpectrumInfo rollout: algorithms ConvertCWSDExpToMomentum.cpp to RefReduction.cpp
  • PR18667 - Add configuration dependent instrument path
  • PR18668 - slice viewer thickness
  • PR18669 - Add Eigen as an external project
  • PR18680 - Fix finding Mantid .properties file on OSX
  • PR18681 - Update source position and name for IN4 spectrometer
  • PR18692 - SpectrumInfo rollout: algorithms DetectorEfficiencyCor to ScaleX
  • PR18693 - Bug readY and readE from detector id…
  • PR18696 - Indirect Diffraction Vanadium Run
  • PR18697 - Fix more Reflectometry issues
  • PR18701 - Fix bug in transmission multiperiod reduction ISIS SANS
  • PR18702 - REF_M reduction update
  • PR18704 - SNSPowderReduction list error
  • PR18705 - Add concepts documentation for Abins
  • PR18710 - Update reflectometry parameter files
  • PR18712 - Update reflectometry release notes
  • PR18713 - Fix beam stop arm masking for certain angles in the ISIS SANS Gui
  • PR18719 - Fix uninitialized variable in ISpectrum.
  • PR18720 - Correct system package name for eigen3
  • PR18726 - SpectrumInfo rollout: ConvertToConstantL2.cpp to SetScalingPSD.cpp
  • PR18729 - Fixed fitting range in muon
  • PR18734 - HFIR GPSANS Bug readY and readE from detector id…
  • PR18735 - Make VSI popups modal
  • PR18738 - Changes to Direct reduction code to unwrap range into list and unit test for it
  • PR18740 - MantidPlot: Fix Window resizing when second is closed
  • PR18741 - Small bug fixes for ISIS SANS
  • PR18747 - Fix missing slot warning in Muon Analysis
  • PR18752 - Ensure MantidPlot runs with python’s builtin range command by default
  • PR18753 - EQSANSLoad fix coverity scan control flow issue (2)
  • PR18756 - Fix for VSI crash when using Pick Mode in the SplatterPlotView
  • PR18761 - Indirect Diffraction - vandadium instrument override
  • PR18762 - Update HFIRPowderReduction.rst
  • PR18764 - fix the release note link to the new relese notes location
  • PR18771 - VSI: Fix crash in splatter plot view
  • PR18774 - Add figures to reflectometry release notes
  • PR18783 - Remove tie bug fix
  • PR18784 - Fix slow rendering of Peaks Table in Splatterplot view
  • PR18789 - Fix VSI crash when treshold filter is being used in combination with rebin.
  • PR18795 - Update dgs_sample_setup.py
  • PR18798 - Fix a crash when right-clicking on workspace information