Updates for Week 4 of 2017

Mantid 3.9 Dates

  • Release 3.9.0 is currently scheduled for 2017-02-13
  • Beta testing has started and ends 2017-02-07
  • Code freeze has started

Notes from the project working group

  • ICNS 2017 (South Korea -13th July) Abstract Deadline Feb 24th.
    • Discuss ideas with your group lead and share across the project so we know what is being presented
  • Recent bugs found from large scale maintenance issues
    • Likely to be passing testing too easily due to the volume of mixed classes in a single pull request
    • Suggested that we split pull requests for maintenance issues smaller, and group things together with the tester in mind (i.e. functionally grouped if possible).
  • Build seem to be failing significantly for various reasons, that are unrelated to the code changed
    • This delayed the start of beta testing by a day this release, but has been growing slowly for some time.
    • We need to take a look at the failure causes for the build to get a picture of where to improve things and target effort.
    • Some failures we are unlikely to be able to fix (e.g. communication failure) but these are not the majority.
  • This is the last full release we will need to support RHEL6 (although we will need to provide nightly builds for a couple of months after)

Code Changes

This is what has been merged to master and does include what was merged into release-v3.9.

  • Variety of sphinx fixes and documentation improvements
  • Variety of fixes for python3 support
  • facilities.xml updated through automatic downloading is now used
  • Variety of fixes to Crystal Field
  • Packing is turned off by default on linux and osx pull requests
  • Abins algorithm has been added to mantid
  • Bugfix in EventLists to ensure they have correct sort order after filtering
  • Fix MantidPlot detector display for monitor spectra
  • Disable nonOrthogonal sliceviewer button when workspace is orthogonal
  • Updated Vesuvio monitor positions
  • Fixes in CANSAS1D file format
  • SNAPReduce has additional parameter for detcal file(s)
  • SaveOpenGenieAscii now writes valid files
  • Portions of the SpectrumInfo rollout

Detailed Merges for Jan 23 to 29, 2017

on github

  • PR18417 - Group workspace masking error in MaskDetectors
  • PR18439 - Log averaging muon analysis
  • PR18446 - Indirect I(Q, t)Fit - Use ExpDecay Function
  • PR18451 - Allow updates for facilities.xml through automatic downloading
  • PR18458 - SNAPReduce detcal file support
  • PR18464 - SpectrumInfo rollout 21 to 43
  • PR18468 - Rewrite SaveOpenGenieAscii to save valid files
  • PR18469 - LoadIsawDetCal parameter change
  • PR18482 - Documentation for caching layers
  • PR18486 - Fix for SAScollimation in SaveCanSAS1D and LoadCanSAS1D
  • PR18487 - Add improvement of minimizer documentation to release notes
  • PR18488 - Fix recently introduced python3 errors
  • PR18492 - Fix building with sip 4.19
  • PR18502 - Fix moc build warning on master
  • PR18504 - Ensure output EventLists have correct sort order after filtering
  • PR18505 - Add release image
  • PR18506 - Update framework.rst
  • PR18507 - Update ui.rst
  • PR18509 - Vesuvio - Update Monitor Positions
  • PR18510 - Update direct_inelastic.rst
  • PR18511 - Update sans.rst
  • PR18512 - Sort dict before creating message, can’t assume order with python3
  • PR18513 - LoadILLIndirect-v2 updated documentation
  • PR18516 - Disable nonOrthogonal sliceviewer button when orthogonal ws
  • PR18517 - Fix sphinx warnings
  • PR18519 - Fix PythonScriptsTest_CrystalFieldTest for python 3
  • PR18521 - Crystal fields bugfixes
  • PR18524 - Fix randomly failing Crystal Field test.
  • PR18526 - Indirect ILL Reduction: system test quick fix
  • PR18533 - Fix MantidPlot detector display for monitor spectra
  • PR18535 - Fix building qthelp and html docs using python 3
  • PR18541 - Respect BUILD_PACKAGE variable if specified by Jenkins
  • PR18545 - Abins 0.1: Correct check for a DFT file extension.
  • PR18558 - Coverity fixes for crystal field physical properties code
  • PR18559 - Skip tests where numpy.einsum is unavailable.