Updates for week 14 of 2015

  • MDEvents and DataObjects libraries have been merged
  • Removed issues found by static analysis tools
  • Bugfix when loading monitors from ISIS NeXus files
  • Increased precision of sample log plots
  • Added support for TOSCA to IndirectTransmission algorithm
  • Horace style function handling from scripting for CutMD
  • CutMD ported to C++
  • Additional PDF output parameters from SetSampleMaterial
  • ParaView environment added to linux launch scripts
  • New class RemoteJobManagerFactory
  • New algorithm PoldiCreatePeaksFromFile
  • New algorithm LiquidsReflectometryReduction
  • New algorithm CreateMD
  • New algorithm SmoothMD

Detailed Merges for Mar 28 - Apr 3, 2015