Updates for week 44 of 2014

Detailed Merges for Oct 25 - 31, 2014

  • [#10017|524ed8c] Unexpected Exception When Showing Data Generated by CreateSingleValuedWorkspace
  • [#10169|a8c3ff4] Multiple scattering correction for Vesuvio
  • [#10237|644714f] Put menu options on new ReflGui
  • [#10249|23e3abb] Fit function help broken in fit function toolbox
  • [#10288|11f84df] reduce tolerance of LOQReductionGUI systemtest
  • [#10324|bc2aee8] Up/Down arrows on Spectrum View should move cursor by one spectrum
  • [#10332|cb55e79] ConvertTo MD does not update EI attached to PreprocessedDetectorsWorkspace
  • [#10347|923f693] Interpreting existing gui actions
  • [#10373|cfc7623] Refl UI - Provide actions in a context menu
  • [#10408|66b1c84] AutoComplete tweaks
  • [#10410|801b525] ElasticWindow should support Sqw
  • [#10430|5b6c039] Analyse and improve performance of SXDMDNorm
  • [#10431|d48fb15] ReflMainViewPresenter goes behind the model’s back
  • [#10451|56759bd] IDR: S(Q,w) should not be using Python
  • [#10457|f617737] QtReflMainView clean up
  • [#10467|b603418] Refl UI: Make partial row processing warning configurable
  • [#9891|d3a798f] A FitMD and/or fit for 1D or 2D matrix workspaces shoule be able to produce a workspace with fitting function values