Updates for week 38 of 2014

Detailed Merges for Sep 13 - 19, 2014

  • [#10092|bed7ab6] Provide method to allow custom interfaces to execute a set of algorithms sequentially parallel with the UI
  • [#10109|abb24d4] Rename XMLlogfile to XMLinstrumentParameter
  • [#10125|5b0ae60] Add Save button to Mantid UI
  • [#10153|3994f11] Started a few nightlybuild ago, users and IS of REFL are unable to load their config file
  • [#10208|3aad0f2] Lorentz correction algorithm
  • [#10233|2a1b552] Refl_gui should default to use the Reflectometry algorithms, not the scripts
  • [#10245|e7d77f9] replay history on windows broken
  • [#10250|03921fe] Move Stitch1DMany algorithm to C++
  • [#10255|6ee02c1] MWRunFiles should default to browsing the default save directory
  • [#934|896de7a] Wiener filter smoothing
  • [#9907|0f84d81] Update IDF schema address