Updates for week 29 of 2014

  • Sped up some unit tests
  • Improved configuration of jenkins build scripts
  • Additional exception handling in the ScriptFileInterpreter
  • Bugfix for event filtering in LoadEventNexus
  • Bugfix for instruments with choppers in MaskBTP
  • Bugfix in slots/signals for SlicingAlgorithmDialog

Detailed Merges for Jul 12 - 18, 2014

  • [#8454|206267d] Make it more clear that plotting has actually finished
  • [#8513|2ba2eea] Top level exception thrown in Python script window
  • [#8828|f8b9004] Mantid crash when adding workspace spectra to Qti plot
  • [#9730|e3b74a6] LoadEventNexus TOF filtering issue
  • [#9857|7ff65dd] MaskBTP fails when choppers are added to IDF.
  • [#9877|e59142c] Jenkins build scripts should be able to select a build configuration based on the job name
  • [#9887|18ae544] SlicingDialogs
  • [#9894|ec6f2ed] Slow Unit Tests for Vickie Lynch
  • [#9901|b25582a] Slow Unit Tests for Andrei Savici
  • [#9904|ba6fdd7] Slow Unit Tests for Sam Jackson