Updates for week 21 of 2014

  • OpenCascade for windows and mac have moved to 6.7.1
  • SavePlot1D uses matplotlib 1.2.0
  • First pass at an implementation of the ALC analysis interface for muons
  • LoadRaw has been changed to use same parameters as LoadEventNexus for montiors
  • Bugfix SmoothNeighbours now has correct behavior with ZeroEdgePixels parameter
  • Added “Current Run” button for CHRONUS in the Muon Analysis interface
  • Several unit tests are running faster
  • AnvredCorrection now does detector bank scaling and slant path through the scintillator glass that are in SaveHKL
  • SetSampleMaterial accepts non-integer number of atoms in material
  • Bugfix SaveZODS to save column major order
  • Workspace::setComment exposed to python
  • Bugfix Divide bad check on input workspaces having same number of bins

Detailed Merges for May 17 - 23, 2014