Updates for week 16 of 2014

  • ninja-build now works
  • clang compilation now works
  • LoadEventPreNexus speed improvements
  • System test jobs work on mantidunstable package
  • Geometry::Object exposed to Python
  • More logging information in FindPeaksMD

LoadEventPreNexus Merges for Apr 12 - 18, 2014

  • [#7284|c326a7f] Various changes for compiling Framework with clang
  • [#9217|b8d7cda] Some Logging messages not working with clang and libc++
  • [#9243|c478abc] Improve LoadEventPreNexus’ speed on unmask veto bit
  • [#9323|271f702] Simplify code for determining rpm dist information
  • [#9328|d7d1970] libgomp missing from ninja builds
  • [#9330|afb6ea7] System test jobs don’t work on mantidunstable package
  • [#9331|983616e] Export Geometry::Object to Python
  • [#9334|d877c1f] SCD info needed for TOPAZ users