Updates for week 8 of 2014

For the second week of maintenance there are lots of “regular” work being done.

  • New CNCS geometry
  • SNSPowderReduction.py optionally saves topas files
  • Bugfix in FileValidator write-access determination
  • Removed lots of unnecessary include in some of the core headers. Increased build speed!
  • Bugfix for SliceViewer crashing when overlaying peaks.
  • Improve monitor handling in SANS
  • Bugfix for units in lines extracted from MDWorkspaces
  • Bugfix in FindPeaks/FindPeakBackground working together

Detailed Merges for Feb 15 - 21, 2014

  • [#6622|d2d91f0] PlotPeakByLogValue should optionally output calculated spectra like Fit does
  • [#8301|5d3eded] Filter Log Values
  • [#8784|17d4d62] Remove unrequired includes in some core headers
  • [#8824|b04405e] Indirect C2E: tabs should limit using a peak min/max range
  • [#8839|872f7f3] Refactor LoadMuonNexus to use MuonGroupDetectors for AutoGroup
  • [#8906|2d7f5a6] Improve handling monitors in SANS
  • [#8993|37618e7] Update CNCS geometry
  • [#8999|f67fb08] SliceViewer crash
  • [#9009|9ee190c] Fix Units on ConvertMDHistoToMatrixWorkspace
  • [#9020|ec6563c] Fix some issues of FindPeakBackground
  • [#9025|0d556e1] Fix UI file warnings on Master
  • [#9027|dc2e4b6] Add saving TOPAS files to SNSPowderReduction.py
  • [#9033|df14486] Correct error in FindPeaks related to calling FindPeakBackground
  • [#9036|4bfa5b3] FileValidator write-access determination issue
  • [#9050|c0ca97e] Remove debug code writing to cerr that got into master by mistake