Updates for week 5 of 2014

Code freeze starts today rather than last week. Don’t forget to run through your favorite workflows next week. As usual for the week before a code freeze, there are lots of tickets closed.

  • Several fixes/improvements to ISIS reflectometry reduction
  • Several fixes/improvements to the Muon reduction
  • Fixed TOPAZ monitor position.
  • Multi-threading of ICAT search algorithms to prevent gui hanging.
  • EISF output from fitting routines.
  • Sequential fitting dialog improvements including FuryFit.
  • Lots of work around IBayes
  • Density of states script ported
  • Improved documentation for LeBail fitting
  • ISIS live data bug fixes
  • Correction to background for single crystal cylindrical integration
  • Bugfix in NormalizeToMonitor always normalizing to monitor 1
  • Improvements to offline help
  • ConvFit improvements
  • Adding anti-aliasing options (and some others) back into mantid plots

Detailed Merges for Jan 25 - 31, 2014