Updates for week 4 of 2014

According to the roadmap, Release 3.1 is next week so make sure you finish up work to prepare for it. This also means that much of the development team was tied up in meetings.

Detailed Merges for Jan 18 - 24, 2014

  • [#8404|4aa0361] LoadFullprofResolution property to set correspondence between fullprof bank in workspace in group
  • [#8560|3a4c69b] Refl_gui Improvements - RB functionality
  • [#8700|7ad9126] Muon - Sequential fitting: no need to store loaded workspaces
  • [#8720|0c49b3c] GeneratePythonScript wiki update
  • [#8729|6187488] ICAT - Publish algorithm should not create python file
  • [#8730|750af37] ICAT - Better IDS error handling
  • [#8731|2003821] Muon - Mantid freezes when using Muon Analysis interface in maximized mode
  • [#8732|82c1aea] Fix wikimaker for FilterLogByTime
  • [#8748|d382511] Fix ImportMDEventWorkspace