Updates for week 2 of 2014

  • LoadFullprofResolution has an option to add the irf instrument parameters to the workspace [PD]
  • New algorithm: LoadPDCharacterizations which reads the “characterization” file. This will support SNSPowderReduction and the “Powder Diffraction Reduction” interface. [PD]
  • New save window in the “ISIS Reflectometry” gui [REF]
  • ISIS reflectometry reduction scripts now include the option for a polarisation correction normalisation step. [REF]
  • OptimizeLatticeForCellType now reports more appropriate uncertainties. [SCD]
  • RetangularDetector is now a proper object available in python.
  • LoadPreNexus now supports VULCAN runs with more fast logs. [PD]
  • Improvements to the PeakReport that allows for zomming out slightly. [SCD]
  • Notification when fitting parameter is not set and has a value of zero.
  • Formatting improvements in offline help

Detailed Merges for Jan 4 - 10, 2014