Updates for week 1 of 2014

Many of the developers were off for the holidays, but a lot got done anyhow.

  • Fitting function modelling the continuos diffusion of a particle confined to an spherical volume.
  • Add an option pick tab of the instrument view to plot a tube against the out-of-plane angle.
  • The StretchedExFT fitting function calculates the FFT of the stretched exponential using as many time points as bins in the histogram data. This turns out to be insufficient. Many more time points are neccessary to produce a Fourier Transform that can be fitted to the data.
  • OptimizeLatticeForCellType now has input options for hexagonal lattices and specifying number of edge pixels.
  • Clearer property types in help pages for more workspace types.

… and a batch of new algorithms

  • IndirectTransmission. Note that this is a different algorithm from the indirect transmission routine in IndirectEnergyConversion.
  • Workflow algorithms related to inelastic scattering: MaskAngle, MaskBTP, CorrectLogTimes and GetEiT0atSNS.
  • PerformIndexOperations which can pre-process workspace index list operations. This is worked into the reflectometry reduction.
  • SortDetectors returns the detectors sorted by distance. This is intended to be used with monitors, but can work on the whole instrument.

Detailed Merges for Dec 28, 2013 - Jan 3, 2014

  • [#4394|d71ca69] quasielastic diffusion-in-a-sphere fitting algorithm
  • [#7606|a432d70] Improve documentation for FitParameter
  • [#8176|a223174] Add Indirect Transmission algorithm
  • [#8346|1c5994d] OSIRIS Diffraction: Merging two files that are the same
  • [#8569|0ec8300] Add option to cylindrical and spherical views to set the starting point in horizontal coordinate
  • [#8580|e1e53c3] Plot tube against the out-of-plane angle
  • [#8624|2168e72] Extent and increase the sampling density of the time domain in the StretchedExFT fitting function
  • [#8626|63e5ead] Autoreduction related algorithms
  • [#8644|0e26de6] Process WorkspaceIndexes
  • [#8649|92600ca] OptimizeLatticeForCellType additions
  • [#8656|2638b28] Use ProcessWorkspaceIndexes algorithm
  • [#8657|ff2fe94] Change category attribute for Elastic and Inelastic parts of DiffRotDiscreteCircle
  • [#8658|a10c30e] Change h for hbar
  • [#8659|ae4d120] Sort detectors by distance
  • [#8660|bb15d7f] Add WorkspaceGroup to list of pairs in property::getUnmangledTypeName()
  • [#8661|4cb06fc] Add IPeaksWorkspace to list of pairs in property::getUnmangledTypeName()
  • [#8662|ca52475] Update developer RPM for Fedora 20
  • [#8663|ea5ead7] Fix test failures on Fedora 19 and 20