Updates for week 52 of 2013

Since it was the holiday break not much happened.

  • Behind the scenes work in moving more reduction workflows to use “Workflow Algorithms” for reflectometry.
  • Moving around code in preparation for a big move of powder diffraction to use workflow algorithms.
  • Performance boost when using fitting functions. This was done to support GetDetOffsetsMultiPeaks.

Detailed Merges for Dec 21 - 27, 2013

  • [#8609|ae4f15c] Totally disable diagnostics in dgreduce
  • [#8616|f4db882] CreateTransmissionWorkspaceAuto
  • [#8617|a97e8a7] ReflectometryReductionOneAuto
  • [#8630|fed5ed9] Small ReduceSCD_OneRun bug
  • [#8634|8aadb09] Add caching of results in FunctionFactory::getFunctionNames
  • [#8635|80a7aba] ASCII file functions in Kernel::Strings
  • [#8638|cc464ca] Use workspace start time when adding time-series log with AddSampleLog
  • [#8639|9f13171] Backwards compatibility for Transmission Correction
  • [#8642|c52d00d] Remove unnecessary includes from header files
  • [#8648|b3bda09] If one tries to generate history from old nxs workspace and some algorithms used to build this workspace are removed, the history can not be generated.